School Aims

Learning to Succeed

by the year 2022/23


  • Maintain outstanding status with Ofsted and be recognised as standing out from the outstanding within the local authority and beyond.To be recognised as a National Support School and Teaching School.


  • Maintain and refine our assessment system to enable teachers/staff to maximise the learning potential of all children of all abilities incorporating Individual Educational Plans for children with Special Educational Needs and specifically tailored programmes for Gifted and Talented children.


  • Maintain a broad and balanced curriculum that is relevant to the children and community that embraces the philosophies of excellence and enjoyment by providing children with “out of their ordinary” life experiences.


  • To continue to empower children to have a voice amongst decisions that directly affect them.This will be channelled through the school and its associated community at every opportunity.

  • To encourage all of our children to find a positive place in today’s society to:

    • recognise there are many slants and variations of culture

    • encourage our children to become citizens of the world

    • recognise and respect different views and opinions of others


  • Participate in and encourage children to do their homework and ensure physically emotionally and spiritually they are at their prime to partake in all school activities.

  • Form a strong committed governing body able to lead, monitor the school enabling it to stand out from the outstanding.

  • Are pro-active in setting a range of challenging targets to enable our children to achieve their potential on a national basis.


    Revised – October 2009, Approved by Governors 30th November 2009

    Revised – March 2010, Approved by Governors 30th March 2010

    Approved by Governors 26 Sep 2011

    Revised – July 2013, Approved by Governors 8 July 2013

    Revised – October 2017, Approved by Governors


School Aims


Parkinson Lane CPS aims to provide a high quality education for all of our pupils by ensuring that:-


The Curriculum

  • Caters for the Individual needs of our children and ensures quality and access to all pupils.
  • Is broad and balanced, covering all areas of learning.
  • Is stimulating and interesting.
  • It has relevance and meaning to pupils within our community.
  • It is well planned, taught, assessed and children continue to make progress throughout the whole school.

The staff

  • Share a team spirit and work together towards the achievement of shared goals.
  • Are valued, supported, well-motivated, happy, flexible and have positive attitudes to our children, parents, community and other colleagues.
  • Have clear roles and know what is expected of them.
  • Have the opportunities to share expertise, and access to training and development.

The children

  • Work together to make the school a happy and safe environment.
  • Strive to reach their potential and are eager to learn.
  • Respect and value themselves and others.

The parents and the community

  • Work in partnership with the school to support the development of their children at home and at school.

  • Are valued in the daily life of school and in special events and activities.

  • Participate in and encourage children to do their homework and to go to bed at an appropriate time.


  • Form a strong committed body.
  • Are visible in school life.
  • Are pro active in setting and monitoring targets.
  • Understand relevant issues.
  • Are informed and informing to school, parents and the community


  • Are dynamic in leadership, motivating and encouraging to staff and pupils.
  • Are approachable to children, parents, Governors and other staff.
  • Have a clear vision of where the school is heading.


  • Is maintained in a safe, warm and hygienic condition.
  • Is aesthetically pleasing and welcoming to all.
  • Is equipped with teaching space to enable a modern day curriculum to be delivered.


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