Parkinson Lane Community Primary School Admission Policy and Procedure

The following Admissions policy is designed to compliment Calderdale Council's Admissions policy. It is not intended to contradict anything stated in the Council's policy


Children are allocated a Nursery place having regard to the following:-

Children in care of LA or having statemented SEN.
Sibling attending PLCP school
Closeness of the child’s home to school within 0.5 miles
Oldest child in family

Applications are welcome from all parents who may telephone school, or visit in person, to register their child on a waiting list. Prospective parents are welcome to visit the Nursery at any suitable time. The Nursery provides places for 80 children over Monday 9am-3pm, Tuesday 9am-3pm and Wednesday 9am–12noon or Wednesday 12 noon –3pm, Thursday 9am-3pm and Friday 9am-3pm.

There is no advantage given to any parents who have applied to a particular school at an earlier date than others, i.e. a waiting list is for recording purposes only: it is not an admission criteria.


Applications for places in Reception are organised by the Local Authority, Calderdale and they set the addmission criteria.  These applications are done online - the process 'goes live' online in mid November - the year before the child is due to start Reception.  The closing date is usually mid January and parents are notified by the Local Authority in April. 

Please apply at www.calderdale.gov.uk and search admissions.  Please contact the school office should you experience problems accessing this site.

In year applications

For any in year applications, please contact Calderdale Admissions Team/www.calderdale.gov.uk

Procedures in the Nursery

There is one main admission time in September, but children can be admitted at other times subject to places being available. Children are admitted in groups during the first few weeks of term. Children on the waiting list will be prioritised and offered a place (subject to the criteria being met), when/if one is available following their 3rd birthday, as long as they are toilet trained.

When a child first starts in the Nursery, they may require the reassurance of their parent spending some time with them. We ask parents to stay with their child for the first day at least, and encourage them to stay longer, until their child has settled in. In addition, parents are encouraged to spend 10/15 minutes with their child in the Nursery every day, sharing activities and supporting their child’s development.

At the end of the Spring Term, Nursery staff will visit all children on the waiting list who are due to start Nursery the following September: this is in the children’s own home setting, and is a time for them to meet their new teachers and for the teachers to meet with the parents/carers. Nursery Staff will complete a prepared form during this visit in order to gather as much information about the child as possible. A letter will be sent out prior to the visit and Nursery staff will phone to arrange a mutually suitable time.

A subsequent letter will be sent giving a starting date and time.

If children on the Nursery register are non, or very irregular, attendees, their places may be offered to other children after school has informed parents in writing.

Procedures in Reception

There is one main admission each year in September for the Reception Classes. Children on the waiting list will be prioritised and offered a place when/if one becomes available, subject to the criteria being met.

The Calderdale’s “Admission to Primary School booklet” is sent to parents of Nursery children in November for them to express a preference for the school of their choice. Parents have 6 weeks to complete the form.
Parents to have stated 3 preferences for Schools on their application form.
The completed form should be either handed in at the school office or sent to the Admissions Officer at Northgate House.
By the deadline date, each school will be notified by the Authority of their admissions list and parents will be notified by letter from the LEA.

Parents of children who successfully gain a Reception Class place will be notified of the date their child will start School, and the child will be invited to a transition event towards the end of the Summer Term. Children currently in Parkinson Lane Nursery regularly join with the Reception classes for planned activities.

The starting dates for children joining the Reception Classes will be staggered over a 1 week period.

Arrangements for children on both the Nursery and Reception waiting lists.

The Foundation Stage Manager, in conjunction with the school office, will manage both waiting lists.


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