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  1. All pupils may have special needs at different times and therefore, to meet our aim of providing high quality education for all our pupils, a wide variety of strategies must be used to meet these needs as they arise.  This policy will ensure that the school meets the needs of pupils identified in the ‘Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Act 2001’ and the ‘Revised Code of Practice for SEN-January 2002’.  It will ensure that pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) or disabilities are not discriminated against.  This policy will be used to ensure that the funding that has been assigned by the Governing Body for special educational provision, including staffing, is clearly identified and used effectively for its intended purposes.




  • To ensure that all pupils receive their entitlement to a broad, balanced curriculum covering all areas of learning and relevant and meaningful to the children of our community.
  • To ensure that provision for pupils with special needs is a key part of curriculum planning.
  • To ensure that all teaching staff, especially those with management responsibility, accept responsibility for the planning, organisation and delivery of appropriate educational material to pupils with special needs.




  1. The Senior Management Team will regularly review school facilities, procedures and practice to ensure that they do not deny any pupils access to the whole curriculum.


  1. In accordance with the Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Act 2001 and in consultation with staff, the Governors will agree a 3 year plan for increasing accessibility for children with disabilities.  This plan will address increasing access to the school curriculum for children with disabilities, improving access to the physical environment of the school and improving the delivery of written information to pupils with disabilities.   The plan will form part of the School Improvement Plan and, as such, will be reviewed and updated by staff and Governors every year.


  1. All teaching staff will support the SENCOs with the identification and assessment of a pupil’s specific educational needs.  The SENCOs will be responsible for requesting from the LEA a formal assessment of SEN.


  1. The assessment of special educational needs will be diagnostic in nature and constructive in practice, with feedback to relevant members of staff.


  1. The SENCOs are responsible for ensuring that class teachers keep the parents/carers of a child identified as having special educational needs informed of action taken on assessment and meeting the needs of that child.


  1. INSET opportunities will continue to be considered for staff, to raise awareness and provide practical examples of suitable curricular materials.


  1. A flexible approach will be used, involving a variety of forms of intervention such as in-class support, short-term individual withdrawal, monitoring and production of materials in subject areas and specific advice to subject staff.


  1. The school’s aim of promoting partnership with parents/carers is especially important where children have special educational needs or disabilities.


  1. Statemented pupils will continue to have access to the whole curriculum unless a specific exemption has been made and agreed.


  1. Any complaints about the procedures that the school has regarding provisions affecting those with SEN and disabilities will be made to the Headteacher who will respond and report the outcome to the Governing Body.





  1. This policy should be seen as an integral part of the School Improvement Plan, playing an important part in the educational development of individual pupils. The policy will ensure that members of the school community with disabilities and pupils with SEN are treated as favourably as others and that the school will make reasonable adjustments to avoid disadvantaging people with disabilities.



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