Learning to Succeed

by the year 2025/26


Vision Statement

Our vision is to develop well-rounded and positive individuals with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to make meaningful contributions as global citizens.  We aim to provide our children with high-quality learning experiences to ensure academic and personal success as critical-thinkers, with the resilience and empathy to meet the challenges of a complex and ever-changing future.  We want our children to be the very best they can be, realising their worth and achieving their true potential.


Our Cultural Capital Promise

The National Curriculum defines cultural capital in three parts:

the essential knowledge to be an ‘educated citizen’
an awareness of the best that has been thought and said’
an appreciation of human creativity

At Parkinson Lane, we proudly draw upon the best of our dual heritage whilst valuing the best that all humanity has to offer.

Cultural capital is what nourishes the human spirit, inspires awe, cultivates character, and refines the emotions. 


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